Tasmanian election – close seats


My estimate at the end of Saturday night was that the Liberal Party had won 13 seats, Labor 8 and the Greens one, with three seats still in play: in Bass, Braddon and Franklin.

I don’t plan to follow these counts in minute detail but thankfully Kevin Bonham is doing this with separate posts for the five electorates. You can read those posts here:

My plan for Sunday had been to put together booth maps showing the vote figures for the three big parties across the whole state. Sadly the necessary data is not publicly available as of Sunday night, so that will have to wait.

I’ve written before about my frustrations with various state electoral commissions publishing data in non-useful formats. Sadly the Tasmanian Electoral Commission doesn’t appear to be getting any better. They don’t appear to have published any information which would allow me to match the unique booth names (used in the results data) to the list of booth addresses. Thankfully I’ve worked it out, but I don’t understand what would be so hard about publishing this information.

In addition, the TEC did publish the media feed on election night, but they make it difficult to get access to that data, and it appears to have already been shut down.

While you wait for that promised map, I’ve got an article in the Guardian today analysing Saturday’s result.

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