SA and Tas nominations finalised


Over the last week, nominations closed for the South Australian and Tasmanian state elections: South Australia on Monday and Tasmania on Thursday.

This is a follow-up to Monday’s post when I analysed the list of candidates I had collected at that time.

Candidates for all electorates are now listed on the seat profiles in ballot order. In the case of the South Australian Legislative Council, I have listed four candidates each for the major parties and the lead candidates for all other groups.

You can click through to Google spreadsheets for both state’s lower house candidates:

You can see the final breakdown of South Australian lower house candidates on Monday’s post.

In Tasmania, 126 candidates are running: 30 in Denison, 26 in Braddon, 24 in Franklin and Lyons and 22 in Bass.

Click through to read more about how many candidates each party is running, and their gender breakdown.

The Liberal Party, the ALP and the Greens are all running a full ticket of twenty-five candidates, with five each in each district..

The Palmer United Party is running twenty-two candidates. Along with full tickets in three electorates, they are running four candidates in Bass and three candidates in Lyons.

The National Party is running in four electorates, with a total of 13 candidates.

The Socialist Alliance and the Australian Christians are each running two candidates, with both parties running one candidate each in the electorates where they are standing.

Twelve independents are standing. Three independents in Denison managed to nominate in their own groups, while the other nine are running ungrouped.

52% (13/25) of Greens candidates are women, as are 36% (9/25) of Labor candidates. 28% of Liberals and 31% of Nationals are women. Only two out of 22 PUP candidates are women.

While the Greens have the highest proportion of women amongst their candidates, it isn’t reflected amongst their MPs. One out of five Greens MPs are women. The Liberal Party has the same 20% proportion, with two women out of ten. The ALP has three women MPs out of ten.

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