SA and TAS candidate updates


Nominations close later today for the South Australian state election, with nominations closing for the Tasmanian state election later this week.

I’ve produced lists of candidates announced so far for both state elections.

You can click through to Google spreadsheets for both state’s candidates:

Click through for charts and more analysis of the candidate data.

Update: The South Australian chart and spreadsheet are now completed. I’ll come back later in the week with more on the declaration of nominations. I’ve also updated the Tasmanian data with the inclusion of the final five Greens candidates.

In South Australia, 203 candidates are running for the House of Assembly. This includes a full team of 47 candidates each from the ALP, the Liberal Party and the Greens. Family First candidates are running in 41 seats. I’ve also identified seven Dignity for Disability candidates and two for the National Party, along with eleven independents. A single candidate is running for the F.R.E.E. Australia Party.

It’s easiest to analyse candidates by gender. In South Australia, I’ve broken down each party’s candidates by gender. The ALP and Greens are both running the same number of men and women: 19 women and 28 men.

23% of Liberal candidates are women, as are 32% of Family First candidates. Four out of seven D4D candidates are women.

When you look at the gender balance in the House of Assembly, over 40% of Labor MPs are women, whereas only 3 out of 17 Liberal MHAs (17.7%) are women. The House also includes three independent men.

In Tasmania, 110 candidates have been named. The Liberal Party, the ALP and the Greens have announced their entire 25-candidate ticket. The Palmer United Party has announced 21 candidates, along with 7 National Party candidates, two Socialist Alliance and five independent candidates have been announced.

52% (13/25) of Greens candidates are women, as are 36% (9/25) of Labor candidates. 28% of Liberals and 29% of Nationals are women. Only two out of 21 PUP candidates women.

While the Greens have the highest proportion of women amongst their candidates, it isn’t reflected amongst their MPs. One out of five Greens MPs are women. The Liberal Party has the same 20% proportion, with two women out of ten. The ALP has three women MPs out of ten.

Once nominations are declared, I will be updating each seat’s profile with a final list of candidates, and will report back at the end of the week with updated statistics.

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  1. Antony Green has a page over here:

    Only two Nats, in Goyder and Hammond, where they didn’t even run in 2010. Meanwhile, no candidates in Chaffey or Flinders, the only seats they’ve ever actually held. Things can’t be going so well for them if they can’t find a candidate in a seat they held until four years ago.

    FF are running in 42 seats – all except Adelaide, Bragg, Dunstan, Elder and Heysen. Dignity for Disability are running in seven seats, including most of the ones FF isn’t: Adelaide, Dunstan, Elder, Heysen, Little Para, Unley and Waite.

    The FREE Australia Party (who?) have one candidate, Steve Sansom in Ashford.

    As for the independents, there’s 11 of them. The incumbents in Fisher, Frome and Mt Gambier, plus:

    Melita Calone (Lee)
    Steve Davies (MacKillop)
    Kris Hanna (Mitchell)
    Gary Johanson (Lee)
    Bob Nicholls (Goyder)
    Kym Richardson (Kaurna)
    Danyse Soester (Wright)
    Andrew Stanko (Enfield)

    Of that lot, Hanna and Johanson have the best chances of winning – Hanna is the former MP fr Mitchell, and Johanson ran Labor fairly close in the Port Adelaide by-election a few years ago. They’re both backed by Nick Xenophon, as is Soester in Wright. This from Poll Bludger:

    Danyse Soester, who has gained a high media profile as a parent concerned with the school sex abuse scandal and its handling by the government and the Education Department, has announced she will run as an independent against Education Minister Jennifer Rankine. Soester has won backing from Nick Xenophon, and has ruled out directing preferences to Labor or supporting them in government in the event of a hung parliament.

    Calone in Lee is also running on that issue. She’s preferencing Johanson and putting Labor last (via a PB commenter).

    Kym Richardson (Kaurna) is a former federal Lib MP for Kingston.

    Stanko is a rather nutty looking serial candidate with a badly designed website. He’s run in every election since 2002 (upper house in 2002 and 2006, Enfield in 2010 and now 2014), and also for the senate in 2004.

    Bob Nicholls (Goyder) is a Yorke Peninsula councillor. Steve Davies (MacKillop) has a name too common for Google to find much.

  2. The FREE Australia Party was the party created before the 2010 election by those opposed to the Rann government’s anti-bikie laws

    Steve Davies was the SA Senate candidate for Country Alliance in 2013 and contested Barker for the Climate Sceptics at the 2010 federal election.

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